Meaning of the name
The Corporation’s name is derived from the Zulu phrase, “together we grow”, and encapsulates the company vision of growth through partnership.

Symbolism of the trademark
The symbolism of Siyakhula Sonke Corporation’s (SSC’s) trademark is a Synergism-Multiplicative effect; not additive 1+1=3. The SSC Group wishes to remain a focused, operating company and subscribes to the business philosophy of partnerships based on synergy and value.

Official status (including all aspects of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment)
SSC is a new generation empowerment company, majority black owned with more than 50% black women ownership. SSC is managed by young professionals with varied fields of expertise. The Company was founded in 2005 by Fred Arendse, former Head of Transformation at Anglo Platinum Limited.

SSC History – 2005 – 2018
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SSC Value Proposition
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