Foundation for Peace & Prosperity

South Africa’s transformation since 1994 necessitated fundamental changes to the country’s economy as a whole, and many industries in particular. The manner in which companies continue to address emanating challenges will undoubtedly determine their long-term viability and existence. It is within this context that the SSC Group was founded in 2005.

The idea of a non-profit foundation culminated in the establishment of The Foundation for Peace and Prosperity during the latter part of 2009. The Group’s mandate was further broadened to include making a difference to the lives of people by using its business interests and networks to contribute to the Foundation by means of a non-profit foundation.

The Foundation for Peace and Prosperity is aimed at improving the quality of life of communities in which SSC, its partners and associated companies operate. Its function is to provide for these communities basic needs and educational programmes, through SSC’s strategic networks and partnerships, which will create sustainable opportunities for its beneficiaries.
To achieve our objective the Foundation for Peace and Prosperity identifies communities that are in need of assistance with regards to basic education i.e. food, study material, educational supplies, medication, and social and community development projects. Thereafter, the Foundation initiates programs that will provide for these needs and therefore improve the quality of the beneficiaries’ lives and their quality to further develop individually. The introduction and running of these programmes is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure success.
In addition, the foundation aims to develop future leaders of South Africa through various leadership training and development programmes initiated in conjunction with other partnering organisations who share a similar goal.

What we have done:

The foundation has been instrumental in assisting struggling communities and individuals. The following is a list of some of the projects that the Foundation has been a part of:
Painting classrooms at Irene Middle School
Financial donations towards the Adopt-A-School Foundation to support teenage girls through a puberty project.
Donations of clothing to Riverlea Foundation
Donations to 12 less privileged children in Qwa-Qwa, Free State through the Santa Shoe Box initiative
Donations of water to the Jacaranda #ProjectWaterDrop initiative
Donations of books to the SAME Foundation’s library book project
Step Up Stationery project at Diepsloot High School

Where are we going ?

The foundation would like to impact as many lives as possible. We are passionate about creating sustainable solutions for our beneficiaries that will grow and prosper. We are focused on providing opportunities to school learners and university students that will encourage the growth and prosperity of their communities, and to teach them how to be independent thinkers.
With our partners we aim to provide developmental programmes that will assist in addressing skills shortages in South Africa and access to providing opportunities in the education sector.
The trustees are Fred Arendse and Kaylene Arendse.

Contact Details:
Fred Arendse
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +27 12 665 336