Mine Health Corporation

The Mine Health Corporation (“MHC”) is a provider of integrated healthcare services to mining and related industries.

The Company specialises in the mining industry, which has unique requirements. The Company is black-owned and managed.

The Company’s services cater to all levels of the healthcare value chain as it applies to the mining industry, and the offering centres around the need for occupational health services and medical emergency services in the industry and uses this base to drive primary healthcare, including the provision of HIV/AIDS treatment and wellness services to both the employees of mining companies, as well as their contractors.

In addition, the Company will provide healthcare insurance products, procurement of healthcare goods (medical consumables, pharmaceuticals and equipment), as well as occupational health consulting and training.

The Company operates a number of business models to suite clients’ unique circumstances including:

  • owning and managing its own operations
  • providing outsourced medical services from client premises
  • network arrangements with other providers

The Company achieves measurable improved healthcare outcomes, while improving the cost-effectiveness of healthcare services.

The Mine Health Corporation has been established to take advantage of a number of key drivers affecting the mining industry in South Africa. These include:

  • the increasing awareness of the health and safety of employees and their families
  • the increasing trend of outsourcing non-core business in the mining industry
  • the need to develop new black-owned and managed companies and support new black start-up companies
  • the need among existing service providers to have value-adding black partners
  • the increasing need to use information technology to improve the health of individuals and the need to integrate services to improve health outcomes, accountability and reduce risk

We believe that this model will introduce general efficiency and be cost-effective whilst also improving the health of individuals.
Directors are:
Fred Arendse
Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Contact Details:
Fred Arendse
Tel: +27 12 665 5336
Email: info@sscgroup.co.za
Dr Rolf Verster (Managing Director)
MBChB (Pret.), DTM&H, DPH, DHSM, DOH, Cert. Travel Med.
Dr Rolf Verster has extensive experience in the management of medical services in the mining sector in South Africa. He has occupied key positions including Senior Manager, Health for a large international gold producer for close to eleven years.
Rolf is a medical doctor with formal postgraduate academic qualifications in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Public Health, Health Services Management, Travel Medicine and Occupational Medicine. He is a Director of Sandton Execuhealth and has served as a medical advisor to a managed care organization and as a trustee on a medical scheme. He brings a wealth of clinical and general management expertise to the MHC and the SSC Group.

Dr Michael Golden (Director)
Dr Michael Golden has been a partner, in the oldest general practice in Johannesburg’s Northern suburbs, for 14 years. In this practice, based at Sandton Mediclinic that specializes in Family medicine and executive medicals he has accumulated significant clinical and management experience. For the last decade he also has been the head of Emergency Unit Administration Company that has successfully managed the Morningside Mediclinic emergency unit. He is also presently a director of Sandton Execuhealth Pty (Ltd) and Reel Edge Film Academy CC. He is on the hospital board of the Morningside Mediclinic.
Dr Golden completed his medical degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1993 and has recently completed his final exams in his Masters of Family Medicine.
Contact Details:
Physical Address:
Suite 20
Sandton Medi-Clinic
Peter Place
Bryanston 2021
Sandton, Republic of South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)11 706 1231
Fax: +27 (0)11 706 1235
Email: info@sscgroup.co.za
Website: www.minehealthcorp.co.za