Business objectives & Track record

Business objectives (primary and secondary)

The SSC Group strives to remain a focused operating company and subscribes to the business philosophy of partnerships based on synergy and value. As such, primary and secondary objectives include:

  • Targeting companies with the ability to achieve rapid growth and margin expansion through empowerment and effective management
  • Facilitating this growth/margin expansion
  • Optimising value for all stakeholders by:
    – Leveraging our core competencies, strategic partnerships, relationships and networks
    – Participating actively in all aspects of the businesses in which we have vested interests

Track record, projects completed and experience:
Since its formation in 2005, SSC has completed a number of equity transactions, including:

  • 26% shareholding in Redpath Mining (South Africa), a contract mining and shaft sinking business
  • Majority black ownership in Sekgwa Mining, a company supplying specialist backfill services to deep-level mines
  • Majority black ownership of a transformation and mining rights conversion consulting company – SSC Advisory Services
  • Majority ownership of an Enterprise Development company – Enable-E-Africa
  • Majority shareholding in Multinet Systems
  • Majority shareholding in Mine Health Corporation
  • Majority shareholding in Supa-Gold Corporation
  • Majority shareholding in SSC Eagle Mining Corporation
  • 100% ownership of uMoya Human Capital
  • Majority shareholding in Siyakhula Resources Corporation
  • Joint venture with OIM Group – business and leadership consulting company
  • Joint venture and equity interest in exploration company – Far North Platinum

Business Model – Synergism
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