Alternative Energy

SSC Energy’s purpose is to accelerate energy independence, initially in the mining sector, then expanding out into additional markets. It aims to achieve this by developing generation plants in conjunction with its strategic partners.

SSC Energy has the ability to Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) energy plants of various sizes, ranging from 1Mw “movable” units to 100Mw permanent installations, and has access to a professional team of more than 150 engineers and project managers who are multi-skilled, with extensive experience in the construction of photovoltaic plants.

The company’s ability to design, source and purchase the best-proven technology and equipment results in a plant with a very high degree of reliability.

 SSC Energy will also oversee and plan every generation requirement in detail to allow its team of experts to accurately calculate expected plant income for the life of the project.

Selective growth
As an emerging South African B-BBEE Level 1 energy developer, the strategy is to grow profitably with long-term agreements and stable clients. SSC Energy is set to grow geographically and technologically throughout the South African energy sector.
Operational excellence
Expertise in design drives all facets of the company’s generation plants above its competitors resulting in high levels of generation with limited downtime and very competitive operating costs.

SSC Energy has the ability to raise funds in this capital-intensive environment, and specialises in dynamic co-ownership options to maximise tax benefits and to transform the energy industry in line with the South African Government targets.

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