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About SSC Group

SSC Group was established as a group of diversified companies with interests in underground mining, mining rehabilitation, mining and gas exploration, human capital, advisory services, renewable energy and enterprise development. The company was the brainchild of the founder Fred Arendse with his vision and determination established the SSC Group in 2005.

Our People

The SSC Group is far more than simply a group of companies. It is a strategic collective of like-minded individuals, each with a specialised set of skills that feed into the total service offering of the holistic Group.

Our Group

The SSC Group comprises three organisational groupings: direct subsidiaries, which are wholly-owned by the Group; strategic investments, and associate companies in which the Group has a vested interest.

Established 2005

SSC Group

Mining Services

Advisory Services

Renewable Energy

Mining and Gas Exploration

Enterprise Development

Environmental Social and Governance


years of existence

We service more than 50+ industries


Our Core Competencies

Young, professional, entrepreneurial, black-owned enterprise.

A detailed understanding of the empowerment process.

Transactional experience in implementing empowerment and other transactions.



Financial and structuring expertise.

Mining and mining-related services experience.

HR, stakeholder engagement and strategic management.




Extensive experience in business transformation and business reengineering.

Key relationships with various mining houses.

Project management and technical skills.



Key relationships with National and Provincial government, and SA Labour movements.

Key relationships with financial institutions and the venture capital market.




Message from our CEO


Eagles have vision. Leaders can only be successful if they have clear and long-term vision.