Underground Mining

Underground Mining

SSC Group's investment in Sekgwa Mining, SN Mining and Redpath Mining SA bears testimony to its growth as a well-established, competitive contracting business. 

Jointly, it possesses proven competence throughout the South African mining industry and benchmarks practices of its major competitors.

The SSC Group through its subsidiaries and associates, Sekgwa Mining, SN Mining, SSC Eagle Mining and Redpath Mining have the expertise, track record and qualifications to support any underground scope of work. Our contracts and projects are started on time and are executed with the highest safety standards and exceptional workmanship.

What Makes Us Different

Sekgwa and SN Mining is a black and majority black women-owned B-BBEE Level 1 contributor and is a member of the SSC Group.

The SSC Group underground mining service providers differentiates themselves from the other mining contracting companies with the key differentiators being:

  • The Sekgwa team has designed and built various backfill systems up to depths of 2 200m below surface, with reticulation systems in excess of 50km
  • Impeccable safety and industrial relationship record
  • Proven track record of project execution
  • One-stop service solution
  • Mining solutions are tailored to the mining methods currently employed
  • Credible and technical in-house capacity
  • Dynamic managers and staff with business and mining experience delivering a personal service
  • Risk assessments are undertaken prior to the design to ensure that all safety requirements are met
  • Credible and experienced contract mining management

Our Services

The SSC Group underground mining service providers prides themselves on offering a broad spectrum of complementary underground services including but not limited to:

  • Mine development
  • Mine production
  • Equipping and construction
  • Conventional secondary and primary support
    • Long anchors
    • Wire mesh and lacing
    • Wet and shot crete
    • Installation of steel arch and timber sets
  • Specialist backfill placement and management
  • Conventional stoping
  • Vamping and sweeping of old mined areas
  • Rehabilitation of underground and surface areas
  • Mud loading and belt clean-up
  • Vacuum operations
  • Haulage maintenance
  • Shaft sinking
  • Mass excavation
  • Raiseboring
  • Mechanised raise mining
  • Underground mine engineering and technical services