Mining Rehabilitation

Mining Rehabilitation

Imvelo Riverine Restoration (Pty) Ltd specialises primarily in mine rehabilitation, with a proven track record in providing implementable solutions to responsible cleaning of mine land.

Established in 2017 by Kemajo Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Siyakhula Sonke Empowerment Corporation (Pty) Ltd(SSC Group), Imvelo is a member of the SSC Group and is a combination of two diverse companies, combining core skills to create a South African specialist rehabilitation company. Imvelo has a strong management team with over 100 years’ combined experience.

What Makes Us Different

Imvelo has developed concise business models that underpin each of the services it provides. These include models for:
  • Riverine systems clean-up.
  • Legacy mine site rehabilitation.
  • Imvelo has a proven track record of cleaning up and rehabilitating legacy mine sites, dump scars and general mining related waste removal.
  • Imvelo has several business models to suit every case, from direct cleanup relying on salvage to finance operations, to cost based clean-ups for uneconomic/marginal situations to special purpose Joint Ventures with other stake-holders to align with requirements.
  • Commitment to support and involve local communities both directly in the operations as well as upskilling with sustainable portable skills.
  • Imvelo has positioned itself as a flexible one stop shop for Mine Site Rehabilitation for government and Industry alike; be it direct operations, Joint Ventures with stakeholders or the management and technical oversight with aspiring entrants Imvelo can tick all the necessary boxes

Riverine systems clean-up:

  • Many river systems in South Africa, specifically in the vicinity of the historical gold fields have become severely polluted and silted up creating significant problems such as downstream flooding, Acid Mine Drainage generation, and build-up and the systematic loss of wetland areas.
  • Imvelo was initially formed to address these legacy issues and- return our wetlands and back to their former state using safe, economical and systematic methods.
  • This remediation work is undertaken in conjunction with the Department of Water and Sanitation and is generally self funded with revenue generated through salvage.

Legacy mine site rehabilitation:

  • Imvelo cut its teeth cleaning up and rehabilitating residual mine dumps and tailings dam remnants for its own account and as a value add service to mining companies.
  • This has been undertaken by Imvelo directly; whereby remnant dump and legacy mine sites are rehabilitated at no cost to the mining company involved.
  • The formation of purpose based Joint Venture companies to align with stakeholder requirements is a further approach undertaken to accommodate the needs of the mine.
  • ThumaMvelo is a great example of this strategy, where Imvelo works with a mining company’s stakeholders to accomplish final cleanup and rehabilitation of mine dump remnants and scars.