SSC Advisory

Business Objectives

To facilitate business through an all-embracing transformation process and to optimise their B-BBEE competitive edge.

Who we are

SSC Advisory is a Socio-Economic Trusted Transformation Advisory company providing practical implementable solutions to complex socio-economic transformation challenges confronting our clients and their stakeholders.

SSC Advisory is a black and majority black women-owned B-BBEE Level 1 contributor, and is a member of the SSC Group of dynamic, innovative companies.

Key services that SSC Advisory provides as a whole

Economic Transformation Advisory

  • B-BBEE Scorecard Optimisation and production services
  • B-BBEE Equity Ownership solutions
  • B-BBEE corporate workshops
  • Mining Charter Advisory services
  • Social & Labour Plans (SLP) Advisory and project management
  • B-BBEE verification preparation in accordance with B-BBEE SANAS-approved Verification Agency requirements
  • Strategy Compilation with the Revised B-BBEE Codes and other sector codes, as well as execution of strategy
  • Assistance in implementing all approved B-BBEE solutions based on the short, medium, and long-term strategic targets
  • B-BBEE readiness training, seminars and courses
  • Budget and Gap Analysis
  • Ownership and ESOP consulting and structuring
  • B-BBEE Monthly reporting to stakeholders
  • Skills development training plans that are aligned with the WSP submitted to the relevant SETA
  • Supplier assessment
  • Supplier Development Plans
  • Measuring and tracking tools for initiatives
  • Templates created for the client for ease of verification and proof tracking

Social Performance Services

  • Social Impact and Baseline Assessments
  • Asset Based Community Engagement Services
  • Socio-economic projects feasibility studies

Local Procurement Services

  • Local procurement reviews and strategies
  • Advisory services for economic opportunities identification for local participation

Stakeholder Engagement Services

  • Labour relations & wage negotiations services
  • Community relations services
  • Community Trustees Empowerment services

Our Successfully

Completed Projects

Anglo Platinum

  • Process for Peace and Stability Initiative
  • Root Cause Assessment including Community perception survey
  • Post Protest Mitigation Strategy

Modikwa Platinum Mine

  • Agricultural Project: Makgapeng Farming Cooperative
  • Design and Implementation of a Turnaround Plan

John Taolo Gaetsewe Development Trust

  • Risk Management Training
  • Trustees Training

Vunene Mining

  • Industrial Relations and Defined HR Services

Twickenham Platinum Mine

  • Community Engagement and Conflict Resolution Process

Sebetsa Trading

  • BEE Fundraising Mandate

SIOC Community Development Trust

  • SET Committee Framework
  • Social and Ethics Committee Workshop
  • Impala Platinum:Full GAP Analysis on impact of the new B-BBEE code
  • Workshops for key staff on all elements in the B-BBEE code Skills Development optimisation proposals
  • B-BBEE Consulting and scorecard optimisation
  • AMCU:Lead design & Implementation of ESOPs between unions and employers on various mines
  • Review of various mine’s SLP performance