NPO Foundation

SSC Cares

An initiative very close to the SSC Group’s heart is the Foundation For Peace And Prosperity.

The Foundation is a part of the SSC Group. The idea of a non-profit foundation culminated in the establishment of The Foundation for Peace and Prosperity during the latter part of 2009.

The SSC Group’s mandate was further broadened to include making a difference to the lives of people by using its business interests and networks to contribute to peace and prosperity by means of a non-profit foundation.

The SSC Group has a deeply-rooted care for others, and offers support and aid in both financial and goods donations across a number of worthy causes.

Education is highly valued by the group, with the belief that a good education can open up a world of opportunity to lesser advantaged students. SSC regularly offers bursaries to young people struggling to meet the financial requirements of secondary and/or tertiary education.

The Group receives requests for help often, and within our capacity we try to help as many people as we are able to.

NPO Number: 080095

Section 18A will be issued for all donations received.