Sekgwa Mining Services

Sekgwa Mining Services

Sekgwa Mining Services is a Level 1 black and black women owned B-BBEE compliant entity and is part of SIYAKHULA SONKE CORPORATION (PTY) LTD.

Sekgwa Mining Services can provide multiple mining services to any client. We offer services from backfill management and placement, deep-level mining practices and reclamation of old gold.

Sekgwa Mining Services values safety above all else. The safety of our employees and the environment that we work and live in takes first priority.

We believe that each and every one of our employees has the right to return from work each day unharmed.

Sekgwa Mining Services aslo strives to comply with all current and future legislation and we endeavour to achieve zero harm to our employees.

Services Offered


Sekgwa has been involved in the design and building of various backfill systems since 2005, some to a depth of 2200m below surface and with reticulation systems in excess of 50 km.


Since this is a safety critical operation, risk assessments are undertaken prior to the design to ensure that all safety requirements are met. The backfill solution is tailored to the mining method in place.


Sekgwa Mining Services boasts a highly experienced team of back fillers from management down to most of our workers, some of whom have more than 10 years experience and have been with the Company since its inception.

Sekgwa Mining Services specialises in and offers:

  • Backfill placement and management
  • Secondary and primary support
  • All types of long anchors
  • Wet crete, shot crete and gunnite applications
  • Opening up of collapsed working places
  • Installation of steel arch sets
  • Installation of timber sets
  • Wire meshing and lacing
  • Conventional stoping and development
  • Removal of pillars (Board and Pillars)
  • Removal of high grade pillars
  • Old gold reclamation
  • Mud loading
  • Belt clean ups
  • Equipping
  • Construction