Digital Agency

Digital Agency

Eagle-I Digital is a leading technology company that builds and transforms businesses through strategy, design and development.

What Makes Us Different

Eagle-I-Digital is a black and majority black women-owned B-BBEE Level 1 contributor and is a member of the SSC Group. 

Eagle-I Digital creates solutions for businesses, industries, and the public to help them benefit from technology transformation.


Your brand is the window to your business. An effective brand will give your business a significant advantange in today’s highly competitive market. We value our clients' creative identities; and work closely with their teams to bring truly extraordinary experiences and products to the trade.


Our graphic & print media designers, writers and visionaries love their craft and strive to create unequalled, inspired and strategically motivated work.

Designs must not only look beautiful they must also, when executed, function flawlessly. A great design not only entices interaction, it is also intuitive and easy to understand.


Crafting gorgeous products is our core business at Eagle-I Digital. Driven by mobile, back-end and front-end challenges through a specialised and flexible development process, we love working on innovative solutions.


At Eagle-I Digital we leverage our digital experience, analytics expertise, and creative talent to craft marketing strategies that deliver exceptional results. In a landscape of disruption, our team blends the art and science of strategy, seizing opportunities through actionable insights and powerful storytelling.

Data and Insights

Raw data is just a collection of stats and facts. But when properly analysed it is the fuel of an effective marketing campaign and the means of measuring success. At Eagle-I Digital we transform facts and stats into insightful intelligence used to drive informed action.

Managed Hosting

Eagle-I Digital is the only full-service managed hosting provider of its kind, we manage all aspects of your digital environments and ensure mission-critical up-time, all the time.

Our managed hosting services give customers peace of mind with our 24/7/365 support that helps our customers manage web apps more collaboratively and efficiently. We do all the work, you just instruct us on the requirements.